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Winner of the Master Builders QLD – Brisbane Housing & Construction Awards 2012



Industrial Unit Complexes to Free Standing Buildings



We are proud to announce the completion of another outstanding commercial construction project.

Our Services


GD Building Solutions Pty Ltd has expertise and considerable experience in most areas of construction having successfully completed many projects since incorporation in March 1981 as a Building Contractor.

Please find attached details of GD Building Solutions Construction Services / Capabilities and Project Types/Scope of Works for which we have had experience.

Although work in other sectors has been completed concurrently, recent work has seen GD Building Solutions Pty Ltd tending to focus in the delivery of quality commercial and industrial buildings.

Some of the Projects completed include the following:


  • D&C Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Transport Depots
  • Tilt Panels


  • Retail – Offices
  • Showrooms
  • Shopping Centres
  • Medical Centres

Government Works:

  • Police Stations
  • Railway Stations
  • Ambulance Stations
  • Community Centres
  • Schools
  • Bike paths


  • Churches
  • Amenities Blocks
  • Grandstands
  • Swimming Pools


  • Townhouses
  • New Houses
  • Additions / Alterations existing to Houses



GD Building Solutions Pty Ltd is constantly researching and educating on the latest technologies and products within and external to the market. In the past we have trialled various new materials and methods on projects and are not adverse to looking for new ways to gain a competitive or economic edge.

GD Building Solutions Pty Ltd also prides itself on providing innovative alternatives or suggestions to provide a more economical outcome for our client whilst not comprising on structural integrity and quality.

GD Building Solutions Pty Ltd provides you with professional service from the first step in the Design process through to Quality Construction of your Building.

We work from the ground up with our clients to provide a Design and Construction process which will ensure you receive Professional service while building a relationship between yourself and our staff.

Here at GD Building Solutions Pty Ltd we pride ourselves on providing innovative alternatives or suggestions to provide a more economical outcome for our client whilst not compromising on structural integrity and quality.

By utilising our Design and Construction Services we work with our clients from concept and design phase through to completed Developments.
By Designing and Constructing Projects with us we enable our Clients greater involvement and control over their project enabling them to be involved in the entire process. This gives the client control to fulfil all requirements and gain peace of mind in their finished product.

GD Building Solutions Pty Ltd has been in business for over 36 years and has delivered quality products in Commercial Construction, including a Master Builders Award in Construction. We are committed to providing quality Buildings and Service to our Clients.
Part of our commitments is to Sub-Contractors who we have used for many years and continually provide quality workmanship through regular construction contracts.

Here at GD Building Solutions we pride ourselves on providing innovative alternatives or suggestions to provide a more economical outcome for our client’s whilst not compromising on…

GD Building Solutions Pty Ltd also has extensive experience and knowledge in commercial fit-outs and refurbishments of existing offices and warehouses.

We undertake the remodelling, re-fashioning and general renovations of the infrastructure in a timely manner to enable us cause minimal disruption to existing business.


GD Building Solutions Pty Ltd currently holds an Open Class Building License with a QBSA. Some of the various project types GD Building Solutions Pty Ltd can undertake include the following:

Various Project Types:


  • Factories / Workshops
  • Storage Depots
  • Transport – depots / terminals and stations
  • Warehouses


  • Office Fit-outs – internal and external
  • Refurbishments, Renovations, Additions, Repairs to buildings
  • Administration buildings

Health and Welfare:

  • Child care centres
  • Hospitals / Health centres / clinics
  • Nursing homes / Aged care facilities
  • Research laboratories


  • Multipurpose Halls
  • Libraries
  • Admin Buildings / Classrooms / Science Buildings / Laboratories


  • Churches
  • Convention Centres
  • Art Galleries
  • Museums


  • Community facilities
  • Amenities blocks
  • Grandstands
  • Gymnasiums
  • Sporting facilities


  • Houses / Duplexes
  • Units / Townhouses

Shopping centres



GD Building Solutions Pty Ltd is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for all employees, subcontractors, visitors and public. It is the policy of this company to undertake work in a safe manner and to ensure, where practical, the health and safety of employees and personnel at the workplace.

Every reasonable effort will be made on our projects to eliminate and prevent accidents and injuries that may occur, through the use of safe working conditions and working practices.

Occupational Health and Safety must be seen as a shared and individual obligation whereby each and everyone has the responsibility to conduct their work in a safe manner by observing the following:

  • safe work practices and methods
  • statutory obligations
  • site safety rules
  • safety instructions
  • use of personal protective equipment, tools and safety equipment

Every person has a responsibility to themselves, their work mates, public and the company to do their utmost in preventing accidents and developing and maintaining a co-operative spirit of safety consciousness.

GD Building Solutions Pty Ltd is a family owned and successfully operated business completing quality building projects since the company was established in March 1981.

GD Building Solutions Pty Ltd is an experienced and competent Building Contractor that has developed a strong reputation within the building industry based upon producing quality projects. GD Building Solutions Pty Ltd prides itself on its integrity, reliability, attention to detail and level of care we show on all projects. It is this reputation that we intend to maintain and develop by establishing a quality program to provide our customers with the assurance that all services provided by GD Building Solutions Pty Ltd will be consistently of good quality and reliability.

Our commitment extends to providing quality building construction services and maintaining this high level of quality throughout every project undertaken with a professional level of service and timely performance to the satisfaction of our clients. Our client’s satisfaction is paramount in all our dealings, which is why we must maintain a professional proactive approach. We must ensure we understand our client’s vision and expectations and create a positive partnership throughout construction through clear and concise communication.

This statement is issued to indicate this company’s attitude to its customer relationships and to its own excellence of service. The full support of the company’s employees, suppliers, and subcontractors is encouraged and sought in actively pursuing and improving our quest for quality.

This quality management system is based on AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000.